I added StyleCop to my project, and started editing it to make it more readable, but now I realized that there are about 1000 warnings about SA1200.

Is there any way to automatically edit it in whole solution(or at least in simple file / project) with some Visual Studio or ReSharper extension? For now I don't have any suggestions by IDE (VS 2017 v. 15.7.6 Professional) to fix it.

  • see Where does my tool question go? – gnat Aug 8 at 11:35
  • @gnat So where should I post this specific question? – Borys Fursov Aug 8 at 11:38
  • did you check the guidance referred in my prior comment? – gnat Aug 8 at 11:39
  • @gnat Yes, but I am still not sure. – Borys Fursov Aug 8 at 11:40
  • Short answer: no. You are using StyleCopAnalyzers, a Roslyn Analyzer-based feature. Over time, Sam Harwell and the others involved in creating that analyzer may well add code-fixes to the rules, but this hasn't been done yet for SA1200. So you have to manually fix them, as per your link, or disable the warning. – David Arno Aug 8 at 11:57

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