I'm migrating from Java to JS and I would like to know what is the best way to do it in the field of JS ecosystem.

After reading all the You Don't Know JS series by Kyle Simpson, I would like to learn: npm, grunt,gulp,lint, transpilers (babel), webpack and so on.

I don't have any experience in any of them and to be true, I bet I forgot to list some other tools.

What is the order which one should learn those tools? I will also love to know if there are tools that should be learned in a limited way until one has a better understanding of some other topics too.

  • Sorry, but this question is almost certainly going to be closed as primarily opinion based. Can you think of a way to rephrase it so that it is not? – Mawg Aug 8 at 11:40
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    Yes, I edited. It may be still opinion based but there is almost no other updated source which can answer this. To be short, I'm looking for a syllabus from more experienced javascript DevOps/ Engineers than me. There can't be too many answers to this because, for example, npm should learn first from this list. – Stav Alfi Aug 8 at 11:45
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    Check out css-tricks.com/developer-roadmaps. The items in this post cover more than just JS, but that may help you narrow down how and when to learn what in JavaScript land. – neilsimp1 Aug 8 at 12:02

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