I am using EclipseLink as my JPA implementation and Postgresql as my DB.


        @Table(name="\"XYZ\"", schema="\"XYZ\"")
        @NamedQuery(name="XYZ.findAll", query="SELECT r FROM XYZ r")
        public class XYZ implements  Serializable {
            private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

            private String resourceID;

            @Array(databaseType = "text")
            private List<String> label;

            // getter/setters 


I have a requirement such that for every List attribute in my JPA, whenever it's value is null, I want to save the list as of size 1 with first element set to null.

null-----> [null]

Then, unset it backwards while retrieving back i.e if list is coming as [null] set it to null and give back to the user.

[null]-----> null

Currently I can think of this approach of editing every getter/setter of List type, to set/unset the above requirement. Something like this

    public List<String> getLabels() {
        return unset(this.labels);

    public void setLabels(List<String> labels) {
        this.labels = set(labels);

Here, set & unset add the above list with first element null and reverse.

Is there a cleaner approach to this ?? With this I have to edit every gett/sett of List type which is a little cumbersome.

I could not find any annotations in EclipseLink directly for this to edit a value before persisting.

Any help would be appreciated

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