I am writing a driver for an IMU sensor using test driven development approach. Communication protocol of choice is SPI. Using CubeMX and STM32F415 processor, SPI interface is implemented in stm32f4xx_hal_spi.h file, which contains many and more function declarations. Note this SPI interface is processor-specific and IMU driver may also be implemented on different platforms so flexibility is also important.

For test driven development needs I have to mock SPI functions I use within driver code. I came up with two possible options:

1) Original SPI header file stm32fxx_hal_spi.h is included directly into driver header. Its entire contents gets mocked, even though only very few functions are acutally used in sensor driver.


  • straightforward implementation


  • actual SPI driver files have to be copied into sensor driver project
  • mocking fat interface

2) Within driver project create spi.h header. Re-declare functions that are used by driver but are originally already declared in stm32fxx_hal_spi.h . Mocking spi.h gives mocks only for functions actually used.


  • no need to copy processor-specific SPI driver files into sensor driver project

  • mock only things used


  • test driving seems straightforward but am unsure how to integrate with hardware and stm32fxx_hal_spi.h file

It seems to me that second approach does a better job in terms of abstracting spi implementation into a single header file. But as mentioned, I am unsure how to proceed to link this to actual spi driver files during integration of sensor driver into entire project.

Is any of these considered a valid approach? Is there a generally accepted approach for this during driver development?


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I suggest using a conventional object oriented approach. Even with plain C code, this is fairly easy.

struct spiInterace {
   void* privateData;
   void (*eachFunctionInSPIInterface)();
typedef struct spiInterace  spiInterace ;

Then your real SPI interface provides a 'new function':

spiInterace* mkstm32f4xx_hal_spi()
   // malloc object, add any needed private data pointer (like
   // to memory mapped or open file descriptor) and fill in
   // function pointers to APIs now moved to static functions

... Similarly for your 'mock' SPI device driver.

Change all your calls to indirect through the spiIntrface object:

   spiInterface* spiI = // call one mkFunction or the other for testing or real;
   // instead of earlier call to eachFunctionInSPIInterface(someSPIdesignator);
   spiI->eachFunctionInSPIInterface (); 

Then testing is easy - just construct one or the other spiInterface.

Hope that helps!

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