My team follows the practice of including JIRA issue key in each of our commits and also in the title of a Pull Request.

Each developer usually make changes in a branch on his/her own fork and then raise a PR aka Pull Request against master branch of the main repo.

Given all this, I want to understand if naming the branches in their forks as JIRA issue key gives any advantage other than ensuring redundancy.

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You have the name your branch something. Some benefits of adding the Jira number:

  • If someone is sick (or hit by a bus) other developers can find the open branch easily, on the ticket number
  • If you have a lot of uncleaned branches someone can check if the story is finished in Jira before removing the branch
  • You can integrate git (Bitbucket) and Jira to show the used branches by this ticket

enter image description here

  • Create pull requests from within Jira

enter image description here

We name our branches like this:


It makes it easier to scan branch list to find your ticket-id. If the teams are swarming with multiple developers on a single Jira story this is beneficial. If you only have a single developers per branch, maybe it is not so necessary.

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