I'm creating a react application, and I want to keep all my string constants in a single file like:

export const STR_LOGIN = "Log in"; //h1 on a login page
export const STR_USERNAME = "Username"; // Placeholder on a text input
export const STR_ERR_PASSWORD_TOO_SHORT = "Sorry, your password must be at least 8 characters"; // Error message on form 
export const STR_FN_WELCOME_TO_SERVICE = (name) => `Hi ${name}, welcome to XYZ service. We're so glad to have you here.`; // paragraph text

Note that the combination of string constants, and functions that return formatted strings.

What naming conventions are there for this kind of list of constants - considering that there are potentially hundreds of them?

The label of the string needs to make it clear where and how the string is being used.

The reason I want to put these all into a single constants file - is in the case that the content needs to be changed later - they can be changed in one place, rather than having to hunt through the file system to change each one.

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