I have the following aggregate:

  • Checkout (root)
  • Requirement: CouponRequirement, AnotherRequirement, YetAnotherRequirement
  • Coupon

A Checkout has many requirements that need to be fulfilled in order for a Checkout to complete. Each Requirement has a fulfill(data) method that is responsible for the fulfillment process.

One of those requirements is a CouponRequirement which, when fulfilled, needs to make sure there is stock for a particular coupon and reserve it. For this to happen I need access to a CouponRepository or CouponService.

How could I tailor my design to accomodate that dependency?


function handle($cmd) {
   $cho = $this->checkoutRepository->get($cmd->checkoutId);
   $cho->fulfillRequirement($cmd->requirementType, $cmd->requirementData);


function fulfillRequirement($reqType, $reqData) {
    $req = $this->getRequirement($reqType);


function fulfill($data) {
    // check stock / reserve coupon

The common solution would be to pass a CouponService to fulfillRequirement. But fulfillRequirement takes care of many Requirement types, not just one.

Maybe I just need to abandon the generic approach and have multiple fulfillRequirement:

fulfillCouponRequirement($data, $couponService) fulfillClientInformationRequirement($data)

.. etc

What do you guys think? even if you think of a different approach altogether I'd love to read about it.

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