Please be gentle on me as I am struggling to find a place to start.

This question comes to mind when deploying a Spring MVC web app running on Linux. Everything I've read on deploying a Spring MVC always points the implementation living within a user's home directory (for example: /home/charrison/webApp/...). This is ok if the sysadmin and developer are the same person, however, how does this look when there's multiple developers? What if a separation of concerns is driven by organizational structure? Is there a best practice for this?

On initial stab at this, I am debating only having 1 user on the system that the developers can share when needing to commit, recompile, and redeploy the application, and have a central repository be the truth in source for the developers. My other thought on this is to potentially create a shared directory on the /home that developers have access to, but I am unaware of the drawbacks.

In case it matters, this is for CentOS/RHEL

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