GOAL: I need to get a value within an async task. The value is declared within a previous called Activity.

QUESTION: is a bad practice to instantiate the Activity from which I need the value just to get it using a proper getter? Or is it wrong (I mean against Android architecture good practices) ?


 public class MapsActivity extends AppCompatActivity {

       private static int foo;

       public int getFoo(){ return this.foo }



public class doAsync extends AsyncTask {

    protected void onPostExecute(Void... params) {

    MapsActivity maps = new MapsActivity();
    int foo = maps.getFoo();

  • How is maps related to the other instance of MapsActivity? This looks like reading an uninitialised property – Caleth 2 days ago
  • You are right. It's uninitialised. I tried to make the variable static to access it by MapsActivity.Foo but I got error about referencing a static fiedl from a non-static context. – Maicake 2 days ago
  • It sounds like you should probably pass the existing instance of MapsActivity to the constructor of doAsync, such that it is available in the body of onPostExecute – Caleth 2 days ago
  • @Caleth I correct myself. It's not uninitialised because I delcared it static so that means that for every instance of MapsActivity there will be just one instance of foo for all the objects. – Maicake 2 days ago
  • 1
    Yes, this is bad, for the reasons explained in Why is Global State so Evil? – Caleth 2 days ago

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