I have a public project that I'm the single developer. I love updating packages to new versions regularly and keep the project up to date with the updated environment. This is probably not always a good approach as discussed in this question and this question , but I do it currently, because as I said , I love upgrading stuff.

The question is , when I update only the dependencies of a project, e.g. (npm update) how should I change the SemVer versioning ? The updated packages does not add new features automatically to the business logic,so I believe no major increase and just increasing the patch ? On the other hand they make the program compatible with newer components or engines, and sometimes they fix bugs, so a minor increase ?


I agree with you that keeping dependencies up to date is a good idea, even though you are risking an otherwise needless release.

I would simply update the build/patch number unless your code is a component released to the public; in which case the compatibility with other projects using your dependencies comes into the question.


Frankly, I would never release a version that changes nothing in your own code at all. If the third-part code improves so as to satisfy a requirement that was previously unmet, then the update fixes a defect, and that's enough for a minor increase. If it doesn't, it's pure navel-gazing (and might be a pain in the ass for people who can't easily upgrade requirements because they're on a platform without internet access).

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