If I have a central process running on a machine, and potentially several other processes running into that same machine that need to communicate with the central process as fast as possible, how should I be doing that in 2018? gRPC? Standard inter-process communication mechanisms?

For example, if you run a MySQL server on a machine, other processes can connect via a web sockets I believe, but that doesn't seem optimal if the processes are all on the same machine.

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  • gRPC is mostly a serialization protocol on top of HTTP, not an IPC mechanism by itself! IPC is fast when you can avoid doing stuff – network protocols (even over localhost) are comparatively slow because you are stil using the network stack. Pipes, named pipes, or Unix sockets are usually the fastest stream-based IPC mechanisms b/c they require minimal kernel intervention. Shared memory can be faster, but sending messages over shared memory is very difficult. – amon Nov 9 at 17:28
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    As usual, measuring it yourself is the best way to answer questions about performance. – Robert Harvey Nov 9 at 17:32
  • The fastest way to have two processes communicate is via shared memory. But shared memory is not without its problems. So I expect you aren't really after the fastest way. – David Arno Nov 9 at 22:35

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