i have an idea that i want to discuss, i want to separate calculation from code, for example: we have a a vacation request from employee, in normal situation, there is a form which an employee fill and system process the request, (calculation are something like these: 1.how many vacation days requester used before, 2: is requested date is within company policy 3: is it a paid or free vacation, ... and so on)

common practice is, when the employee save the form, we execute a stored procedure to calculate all the condition and save the result in another table

i want to know your opinion: what if we use SSIS (or anythings like it) to schedule running calculations later (at midnight for example)? for some tasks that need, almost immediate result, there will be a 3 or 5 second delay, because we schedule the common packages to execute every 5 seconds

have you used this approach before, what are cons and pros?

  • would you provide a reason for down vote? – Amirreza Nov 24 at 7:36

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