Assume that a Python package (available via PyPI) is too difficult for novice users to utilize. Specifically, typing python2 path_to_package/start_GUI.py in the command line, which opens a TKinter GUI, is too hard for many users. Instead, users would like to simply double-click on the file start_GUI.py, irrespective of the operating system they are on.

Beyond placing a shebang (i.e., #!/usr/bin/env python2) at the very top of the Python script start_GUI.py, how else can I make it easier for users to execute it?


Users on Linux/OSX could double-click start_GUI.py if they first changed its file permissions (i.e., chmod +X start_GUI.py). Is it possible to change the file permissions of start_GUI.py during the installation of the package via setup.py?


Users on Windows could double-click a batch file (e.g., start_GUI.bat), which in turn calls start_GUI.py. Minimal example of start_GUI.bat:

REM A batch script to execute the GUI
SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\path_to_python\Python27
python path_to_package\start_GUI.py

Can I have this batch file written during the installation of the package via setup.py?


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Users should not have to write any launcher scripts, which is why setuptools can create them for you with the entry_points key. For example:

    'console_scripts': [

This would create an executable myprogram in a format appropriate for the target operating system that basically does:

import sys
from mypackage import main


For further info, read Automatic Script Creation in the setuptools docs.

  • You read my mind. That was exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks! Nov 30, 2018 at 18:49

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