Explain how a process can be both single threaded and multithreaded

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  • I am trying to get the answer I tried on google and books but I didn't get an appropriate answer. It does not make any sense even it is a homework I posted it to get some relevant answer and add that to my knowledge – vijay pratap Dec 5 at 7:56
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    @vijaypratap: then what did you find? Why does it not make sense? You have to show some effort. – Michael Borgwardt Dec 5 at 8:14

It can't be both single threaded and multithreaded at the same time.

But it could start off as a single thread. Then it could spawn a new thread and become multithreaded.

  • It also can spawn userspace threads and remain single threaded (for OS) but effectively multithreaded. – wondra Dec 5 at 12:29

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