I have a trained (e.g. fitted) machine learning model from sklearn in python. The model was fit using a fairly small dataset (~200,000 points) so I could easily fit the training data on a single machine. However, the model needs to be applied to a many other files, which in total comprise about 1.5 billion rows. I have access to a Spark cluster, but I do not know how to apply an sklearn model, since Spark cannot parallelize dataframes other than Spark dataframes.

Does anyone know how I could go about applying this sklearn model to this large amount of data in parallel?

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If you have access to a Spark cluster, why not just use Sparks ML library?

Sparks ML library does not support the type of regression I am using, specifically Nearest Neighbor Regression using ball_tree. There are other regression/classification methods as supported by sklearn and not Spark that I want to use.

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https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47980936/train-multiple-different-sklearn-models-in-parallel (This question is about how to generate a model in parallel, not how to apply one;this also did not get into the guts how how to do it)

(Olivier Grisel's answer might be the beginings of the correct path for me, but I was unsure how to apply it to an existing Spark cluster. Furthermore, his answer is still about specific sklearn functions. I want to more generally apply a specific sklearn method across multiple dataframes/files. That is not the same thing)

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