I'm a developer that has the entire background based on languages with OO/FP approaches and now I'm working with NodeJS.

For me, it's something new and, sometimes, kinda confusing. Right now, I need some help to organize my code instead of keep using IF/ELSE in a big function.

I've wrote an API that is used by many departments of my company. Most of departments has a common behavior on code but two departments must call another APIs to build their objects instead of use a common one shared by others.

If I was writing same code using Java, I could use some polymorphism to satisfy customizations in code but I have no clue on what's the best approach to solve it on Javascript.

Here is what running on production:

  function openTickets (event, config) {
    // more code
    let user 
    try {
      if(config.department === 'HR'){ // TODO move 
        const usersResponse = (await company.getUser(phone, customData.zipCode)).body  // this is a http call using got    
        if(usersResponse.results.length > 0){
          user = usersResponse.results[0]
      } else {
        user = {
    } catch (err) {
      console.log('error getting user', err)
    //more code

This is just an example on how I'm solving customizations on code and creating a Frankenstein that will be pretty hard to maintain in a few weeks.

What is the best approach to customize specific behaviours on Javascript instead use IF/ELSE?

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