Hopefully, this is the right forum for this type of question..

We have a set of common entities which are 'shared' throughout the company - much like Master Data Services (MDS) data. Everyone has differing ways of maintaining said data...most of which are painful and/or lacking.

So...I created a working 'demo' using the SQL Service Broker (SSB) to show how we can easily & seamlessly propagate the 'shared' data. Of course, this data is centrally managed & spoke-applications (themselves) do not change said data.

Another person wants to use SignalR to propagate the 'shared' data to application databases. And, I love SignalR. However, to me, SignalR is "real-time" front-end "componentry"...not a data transfer service solution for MDS-styled data.

I see the broker as the right tool for this job. And frankly, to me...just because you CAN do something...doesn't mean you SHOULD. But I am open to being wrong.

(1) Am I wrong or right. (2) If so, why or why not?

Thanks for the help.

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