How would you consider that a programmer is bad at what he or she is doing?

If possible... How should he/she improve?

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A programmer who just copies and pastes code from other places, and doesn't understand how the code actually works, is known as a bad programmer! I typically see this with javascript.


Today, many programmers believe that this complexity is best managed by using only a small set of well-understood techniques in their programs. They have composed strict rules about the form programs should have, and the more zealous among them will denounce those who break these rules as bad programmers


I think that the only way a programmer can be bad at programming is if he stops listening to what other people have to say.

Programming is about information. One needs to keep the ears, and eyes wide open.

A programmer can only improve by hitting the books, and working hard. But, you should also focus on learning new things, not learning the same over and over (look for new experiences inside your specific field/industry).

Good luck.


When starting a Quality Improvement program and somebody's first suggestion for how we could most dramatically improve quality is to "fire Vito", then Vito is a bad programmer.

True Story. Vito was fired. He was beyond bad, venturing far into unethical while bordering on illegal.

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