I am working on a project in which, I want to create an Android App. The app will open a website in background, wait for the page to load. Then, it will find something on the page. After that it will do a specific task. Then, wait for the process to be completed. If the process gets completed, it will have some delay. Then, it'll reopen the url again and thenafter repeat the same task in a cycle. It should continue doing the directed tasks until any unwanted system or wanted user interruption. I've searched a lot on web to know that if something could be done in this route. But, I couldn't find anything helpful. I want something similar to this

Here, in the above mentioned tutorial, he is using Python Script for making an Instagram bot for PC. The bot will open Browser, then the Instagram's Feed, then will find the button by text "Like" and then go back, thenafter it'll repeat the cycle. I want something similar.

1). But, instead of Liking every post/photo, I want my bot to comment something on the posts of people whom I or the person using the bot is following on Instagram.

2). Second thing is, this process is being done on the main window. I want this process to be done in background.

3). He is doing it in(for) PC. I want to do it in/for Android.

4). I may follow his tutorial for PC and using Python. But, how would I do it using Java or Kotlin in Android Studio.

I started to do some research and build a very very beginning level app. Which You may find here

I am open to suggestions.

Please check the project and if it is possible to achieve what I want from only some modifications in my current project, then please do tell me.

Please tell me the solutions, hints, suggestions, advice, anything helpful in this project except a downvote 😁.

If you find anything ineligible or wrong according to the forum then, please before downvoting, let me know in the comments section.

Thank You So Much in advance! Have a nice day ahead.

P.S. :- If this question should be asked in any other forum of stack exchange then please comment it's name. I'll immediately put down this question from here and ask it in the respective forum. Thanks!

  • This question is rather broad, but it sounds to me like it could be worth investigating the Instagram API to discover what its capabilities are. – Ben Cottrell Jan 12 at 21:35
  • @BenCottrell If you found this question interesting, then please upvote it. It is so much needed, as I'm a new user. – Naved THE Sheikh Jan 13 at 12:55

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