I am not sure if this is the right Stack Exchange website, but anyways: If a flash game was to have a copyright notice, would it be legal for me to post it on my website? This wouldn't be for any monetary gain, as I would not be running ads over their games.

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    I doubt it's legal. Because you would be distributing copies, without permission. Ask a lawyer if you want to be really sure that it's illegal. – immibis Jan 11 at 1:10


Unless you have permission, you can only publish works of others which aren't in the public domain under certain conditions. You may quote fragments of works; you may use it in satire; there's a "fair use" principle; and there are a few other conditions.

Posting a game verbatim on your website doesn't even remotely qualify for any of those conditions.

  • Thanks for your response. Could I potential contact the owners and ask them for permission? – enter_a_nickname16 Jan 12 at 2:05
  • @enter_a_nickname16 Sure, you could ask them for a license. They may grant one, they may ignore you, or they can ask a fee. – Abigail Jan 12 at 2:14

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