I'm working for a manager who doesn't want to push back on the organization the need for a discipline when it comes to software releases. In other words, he wants the flexibility of the stakeholders being able to exclude any or several features at the last minute before we do a release to QA or production.

We use Bitbucket (Git), and we have a codebase that doesn't allow us to toggle whether a feature is enabled or not (for the most part) because the guts of the application is an expensive Content Management System that stores all content and entity relationships in a database. The manager wants feature branches, AND continuous integration, and doesn't want to hear anything about the merge conflict hell that this will put our small development team in since we don't have a dedicated release engineer. He doesn't code any more nor use the Git tools, but keeps running back to some document he found on the Bitbucket website that "proves" that his strategy is the right one.

How would you steer this? Or do I just let this guy carry out his plan and fall on his own sword?

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    If he succeeds, it will be due to his ingenuity, if he fails, it will be due to your team's incompetence. Can't win, you may be able to break even at most. You might be able to convince him that any last-minute change of requirements (which includes feature addition/exclusion) delays the release, and find a reasonable estimate for the time from feature fix to release. Include test effort and a buffer for fixing problems found in that timespan. – Hans-Martin Mosner Jan 11 at 22:16

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