I'd like to display to a user a list with a great number of items such as the list of followers.

To keep the memory usage, speed or whatever low, I've been thinking of displaying a slice only.

In other words, items before the visible slice are "unloaded" and the items after are dynamically loaded.

However, the idea is for text search in a browser to still find any item in that list.

Is this possible?

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    Nope. You can't use the browser text search if it's not in the DOM. – Greg Burghardt Jan 11 at 23:25
  • Anyway to hack something to that effect? Maybe have a web page equivalent of text search on the page? – James P. Jan 11 at 23:31
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    You can implement an infinite scrolling kind of list that reuses DOM elements to save memory, but add a search box that can filter the elements that will be displayed. – amon Jan 12 at 9:04
  • @gnat that's cool but we aren't robots and an explanation beyond the yes or no is perfectly ok when you're a human being. I can figure the programming out but I'm not up to speed on all the hacky stuff. I'm long past the point where I even care about the bandwagon downvoting because you can live without reputation points ;) – James P. Jan 15 at 8:00

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