I have a collection with millions of items of Generic type T. Assume this list never changes. I want to perform many types of searches with subsets of fields of type T. Some with only 1 field and others with 2 or more fields. Each search almost always returns more than 1 result.

This answer is very close to what I want but it only works for searches with only one field:


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Actually, you can use the code just like in link you posted. And call it like this:

  var fc = new FastCollection<Product>(products);

  fc.AddIndex(item => new { UserName = item.UserName, Title = item.Title});

  string userName = "...";
  string title = "...";

  // finds items where UserName == userName and Title == title
  var items = 
        item => new { UserName = item.UserName, Title = item.Title}, 
                new { UserName = userName     , Title = title })

This code makes use of anonymous types to create a single "property" that is aggregate of multiple properties.

This also reminds me how indexes are done in RavenDB.

  • Yes that seems to be what I really want! Thanks! The catch here is that I always have to add the index before I perform the search.. if I have 10 different searches I have to add 10 different indexes.. meh.
    – deeproute
    Jan 15, 2019 at 15:52
  • 1
    @deeproute Well, you can change the code of the FastCollection, so that it adds new index if it doesn't find one, instead of falling back to Where. I actually assumed it was doing just that before I double-checked the code.
    – Euphoric
    Jan 15, 2019 at 15:53

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