My application stores two different types of json data in s3.

For example: Schema-Foo and Schema-Bar.

Up to now I used the content-type application/json for both.

I would like to make a distinction between both types in the s3 storage.

I am unsure what the best way would be.

Is it possible to do something like application/json-schema-foo application/json-schema-bar?

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  • Sure you can. Take a look to the 'vnd' definition. application/vnd+company.whatever+json – Laiv Jan 22 at 20:48
  • @Laiv you use application/vnd+company.whatever+json and User Hans-Martin Mosner uses application/json; schema=foo. Which one should I choose? – guettli Jan 23 at 10:26
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    Any, as soon as they meet your needs and introduce the less complexity possible. The @Hans-Martin' solution is probably the simplest. It's up to you to decide if that simplicity meet your needs. I would probably try his first. I just wanted you to have alternatives. – Laiv Jan 23 at 11:44

You might be able to use content-type parameters as in

application/json; schema=foo
application/json; schema=bar

I don't know whether adding user-defined parameters is officially blessed, but as long as you're talking between your own pieces of software who is going to punish you?

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