I am trying to create a very basic tool which would execute a script, retrieve the data and then write it into CSV. This needs to be done across 5000+ database servers. This can definitely be improved if it can be done in parallel. I was reading about Threads, ThreadPools and TPL and still confused which one should I be using. Any help would be much appreciated.

P.S. The number of parallel threads has to be configured within the tool

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    Hi Theepan, questions on performance are seldom really answerable in a sensible manner by outsiders like us who do not operate the real system. I recommend you try out one of the approaches you mentioned with a small subset of the servers, measure how well it works, and when you have a real issue, come back and ask again (maybe on stackoverflow, if it is a coding issue). In C#, I would start with a simple Parallel.ForEach. Use Google to find plenty of examples, and how to control the number of parallel threads. – Doc Brown Feb 5 at 7:36
  • Since you have tagged this as C#, use async await and leave it to the compiler and runtime to optimise it around threads for you. Your use case is exactly what async await is for. – David Arno Feb 5 at 8:22