I have an Employee class for which I want to create a method/attribute/property that outputs a formatting of the firstname lastname and the employeeid. It's a standard output for logging purposes primarily. I don't like the

def need_a_good_name(self):
    return f"'{self.fname} {self.lname}' {self.idnum}"
  • identity came to mind, but that's not quite right.
  • logstr is closer to being an accurate description but reads poorly.
  • logformat might work but it describes what it does not what it is.
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    The standard __repr__ method is supposed to provide exactly this. Is there a reason you need a hand-rolled method? – Kilian Foth Feb 5 at 15:37
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    Looks like __str__ could be useful too depending on the needs: stackoverflow.com/questions/1436703/… – bitsoflogic Feb 5 at 16:23
  • That's a good point. I thought I needed a separate one for formatting purposes in the log file, but I don't see why the __str__ output couldn't act as this. Still.. the point of this post is finding a readable name. – Marcel Wilson Feb 5 at 21:49

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