I have a long chain of completable futures in my project, with each step calling a backend API, which can give multiple error responses and one success response. Now, after parsing the response, I need to judge if it's an error, then I need to show to the user. I also need to know which stage in my chain, produced this error. My approach right now (shown below) is to throw a Runtime Exception whenever I encounter an error response, and then append exceptionally block to my chain. I feel that this is not the best way to do it, since a runtime exception doesn't fit in this scenario. It also makes my code ugly, since I have to do it whenever I process a response, leading to an extra exception check. Is there a better way to do it?

//some api call

Response response = request.send();

if(response.hasError()){ //this is what I am doing right now

logger.error("this is error response");

throw new ResponseErrorException("Error response received for request");



This is basically repeated for every step in the chain.

Summary: If I get a failure response in any of the steps in a CompletableFuture chain, what's a good way to propagate it to the user?

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