I want to physically represent a dependency graph in the office. The dependency graph has about 30-60 nodes. This dependency graph is a directed acyclic graph (DAG) a.k.a. a tree structure. I'd like to make is physical in some way. It would be nice if the physical visualization has easy editing properties e.g. moving/changing dependencies. But this is not a strict requirement.

Some ideas:

  • simple stickies of e.g. 10x5 cm, with colored tape between
  • knex to construct the tree, attachable stickies
  • printing out a large graph using the in-office A0 printer

Ideally, I'm looking for something making the graph clear and also allowing for some change.

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    Traditionally, this is done with cork board, index cards, push pins, and mouline thread (classic example). – Nick Alexeev Feb 11 at 16:54