I know domains can be masked but can't find any solution for a web page.

How can i import (include) a third party's webpage into my webpage but hide not needed parts of the third party webpage. In order words, after importing it, customize the look to look like my own webpage, like how a domain can be masked.

OR redirect a user to the third party site but alter the interface to look like my site.

Owner of third party site does not mind referencing the content Any guide or pointers will be appreciated. Thanks for your help

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    The security model of most browsers makes this generally impossible due to the high potential of abuse (for example, this could be used to trick users into opening their Facebook account to hackers). You'll instead have to scrape the website on your backend and serve it under your domain name, but that's most likely illegal. – amon Feb 11 at 20:36
  • @amon . Thanks for the info. After thinking through it again, i realized the best way to go about it in terms of security will be to make use of an API from the third party to feed the content into my site. (I thought i should leave this thought here for anyone who will someday have a similar question running through his/her mind) – user2341596 Feb 12 at 16:02

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