I've been working on a project recently where I have an Expressjs server that supplies weather forecast data to its clients. Right now, I'm using express simply as a means of exposing some functions I have on the server. Here are some of my endpoints:

GET /web/getFullForecast

GET /web/getCurrentForecast

As you can see, the API is not REST but rather more RPC style.

Is it considered bad practice to use the express framework simply as a means of doing RPC? Would I be better served using some kind of RPC framework for this?

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    Why do you consider this RPC, not REST? What about it would make you think it's not a good match for Express? – jfriend00 Feb 24 at 1:54

Having a short look into the ExpressJS docs about routing, I cannot find any recommendation for or against using a RESTful style. On the contrary, there seem to be no restrictions imposed by the framework on how to choose URIs. So if the framework serves you well, don't overthink this.

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