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In last months the business continues dynamic grow so we must develop new features along distributed system. Unfortunately we do not have much time to deliver new solutions.

The application is really hard to maintain, hard to add new feature, poor integration with other applications.

New system applications need communication with the poor one. We must add new features to this application too. We start make sloppy workarounds, which adds to the application complexity. Even more, we must implement super architecture inside another apps e.g in API Gateway.

We will develop the system really dynamically for next 2 months.

Should we accept the fact that we must continue add sloppy workarounds in this application? And ONLY in this application.

If yes. Should we now start thinking about refactor the application in the next iteration?

I know it's wide topic and my questions are general. But I need some practice advice from developers, projects managers and other peoples who faced similar challenge.

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