Currently im injecting my Unit of Work inside the controller.

I figured out that in most of the designs, controllers calls the service layer and service calls the repository/DAL layer.

Most of the times in the controller, I don't have/need any logic and just need to fetch from db and pass it to view.

I do this by calling the repository from the unit of work, is this a bad practice?

I basically have only a two layered architecture instead of a 3 tiers. Im kinda missing the service layer/application layer

Views(MVC) <- Controllers(MVC) -> UoW(DB) -> Repository(DB) -> EF(DB) -> SQL Server(DB)

For the interested i can send my git repo in private.

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    Questions containing the words "bad practice" are unanswerable unless you can articulate your specific concerns. Clearly it already works. – Robert Harvey Apr 3 at 17:13
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    You don't have to implement abstractions you don't need, regardless of what the "good practices" say. – Laiv Apr 3 at 17:38

If you don't really have any logic beside fetching data from the repository and showing it, then it is perfectly fine to skip a separate service/application layer. In fact it would be a bad practice to have an extra layer in that case, since you would be complicating the architecture for no benefit.

You can always introduce a new layer at a later point if the need arises.

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