I have an old php web application, with very bad code. While a lot of it just has html and ajax calls in the, the wrapper is still php.

I want to develop the new modules in react, and slowly replace the old php modules one by one with react; Instead of doing everything from scratch.

What would be the best way to merge these?

Should I deploy the react modules else where, and embed using ajax calls with $("Div_ID").html()?

Should I create each react module as a separate app and then do include('index.html'); in php in each module's index.php

Can someone please just point me to a right direction?

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if you wanna do something good, you should separate the client and the server, php to manage all data access, and react to manage all the data received.

you took a look to vue.js? maybe it fit better with php and those things that you want make

  • Yes, thats the plan, but we dont have the time to get everything migrated to js first, and then start new modules. Need it to happen simultaneously / independently. Apr 8, 2019 at 11:59

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