As far as I understood, MVC has the biggest advantage in creating a separation of concern and making three components decoupled as much as possible. All of the examples I saw were in a single programming language but what if I need to couple views written in different programming languages to a view interface written in another language?

Generally, how can one let two different Views written in different languages implement a ViewInterface written in another language?

I can broadly think of choosing CLI languages such as languages implementing .NET or JNI but my question is:

Question: Is using CLI languages the only way or this whole problem has nothing to do with MVC?

Use Case (Just for elaboration)

I have online library website where students can rent a book originally designed using MVC pattern and has a web interface. The website has rent a book form and it is written in HTML and JavaScript, say specifically designed for desktop view (implements RentABookInterface). Now, sometime later, I took some universities on-board and now I have kiosks at universities' library from where their students can also rent books available in my library. This kiosk also displays the same RentABookView (implementing RentABookInterface) but the form may be written in different language, say C or Java.

Same can be applied for Model, say the website originally implement RentModelInterface as File System on Windows but later added MySQL Database or Linux based File System.

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