What is the proper way to get a metadata of the type in languages that doesn't allow static methods/functions to be overridden? For example, I'm using Dart:

abstract class Model {
  // Constructor
  final String id;

class MyModel extends Model {
  // Constructor
  MyModel(String id, this.name) : super(id);
  final String name;

class FirebaseRepository<T extends Model> extends Repository {
  Future<List<T>> fetchList() {
    // How to get `mymodels` value knowing T??
    return _firestore.collection('mymodels').get();

What I want is to store and retrieve a collection path (table name) for my MyModel model. The value is mymodels.

The easiest way is to declare a static func in Model and implement it in subclasses. But the problem is Dart doesn't allow to inherit and override static members.

Another options is to create a func that returns collection path based on type passed into it. I don't like that solution as it requires to use reflection and it is a code smell.

What are other options?

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