I am creating an MVC inspired PHP framework, mainly for learning purposes. I basically have the framework created and am building an app on it and improving the framework as i go along.

I am still confused/not sure about certain aspects of this sort of architecture, and at the moment i am questioning my implementation of the View part.

How i have set up my framework:

Its a very simple set up, for example: you go to the url /post/post_id, this will load index.php which will instantiate the router. The router will then check the url and instantiate the correct controller and method based on the url. In this case it would be PostController, and the method would be a default method that would use the post_id to get the posts data from the relevant model. Next the controller would set up a "data" variable that will hold the data to pass on to the View, and this is where i am confused - should it send to its own View object (a view class file dedicated to the PostController), or to a generally used View class that is used by all controllers to load an html file?

At the moment my controller is sending data to the View class, this data includes what template file should be included/shown, and the actual data for the page (what we got from the Model through the controller).

My question is this:

Should this type of system have one View object that renders all of the views (html files) based on what data is given to the "render" method, or, should each controller that eventually sends data to the View have its own View object/class?

Meaning, should PostController send a request to the general view class, the same one that is used by all controllers to renders pages, or should the PostController send to a dedicated View Class (call it PostView if it makes it clearer), and this class will then render the specific html file?

Basically if it should be one View class for all controllers that will render what ever html file the controller tells it to, or if there should be many View classes, one for each page load.

NOTE: I know a lot of questions have already been asked about MVC in PHP, but i could not find an answer to my question in any of the answers.

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