I have researched DFDs reasonably extensively, and received some feedback from peers about my first DFD. I have since reworked it to avoid lines crossing by duplicating the 'Pokemon' data store.

I have read that it should read left to right. Does this mean I should create another 'Pokemon Trainer' entity on the right, or is this not needed?

Scenario: Users (Pokemon Trainers) sign up for an account. They can search for Pokemon from a database. They can 'catch' Pokemon which are then stored in their own Pokedex. Users can view their caught Pokemon, along with information about that Pokemon.

First DFD enter image description here

Second DFDPokemon DFD

  • Pokémon Trainer looks like it could benefit from being at the topmost of the diagram as it looks to be the superset action. – John Greene Jun 3 at 12:07

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