I am creating the REST API using codeigniter. I downloaded this library and installed in my application. It works great! https://github.com/chriskacerguis/codeigniter-restserver

But I have an doubt. As per this library. I have 4 functoins

  1. GET
  2. POST
  3. PUT

I understand the functionality of each POST method but what I concern is how to write the validation and other things in the REST API.

Example: I have created the controller User.php

class User extends REST_Controller {

     public function __construct() 

     // Get multile / individual users records and perform search also.
     public function index_get()
         $this->response('get / search users', REST_Controller::HTTP_OK);

     // User Registration / Login
     public function index_post()
         echo 'create';

     // User Information Update
     public function index_put()
         echo 'update';

     // User Delete
     public function index_delete()
         echo 'delete';

I tested in postman post method works fine.

Here is my question. I have the following functionality for user.

  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Change Password
  5. Update Profile

I think except Register other functions are posted with PUT method? In the PUT / POST method do I have to write all validations and database operation buy identity the post method variable using action likes register, login, forgot-password etc.,

In admin I want to get active or inactive users, find by email or name. this kind of operations where we have to write?

Thanks to all.

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