I’m building a web app using Rails API on server side. The goal is to make a planning manager. I want my users to be able to plan ‘daily’ events, which will display at some specific weekdays, with some specific member in charge.

Here’s a quick example about what data should look like :

- Monday with UserC
- Wednesday with UserA


I have a collection of events, which looks like following :


class Event < ApplicationRecord
  enum event_type: { punctual: 0, days_of_week: 1, rotative: 2 }
  validates :name, presence: true
  validates :event_type, presence: true

:event_type will link to a more specific table, depending on its value.


According to this, I’d like to know which is the best way to design the daily events (event_type: :days_of_week), with the following requirements :

  • assign one or multiple users per weekday
  • delete a user doesn’t delete the event. If no user is left for a weekday, it disappears from the event
  • being able to update the event by adding new members to a day, wether it was already assigned or not

I tried

I thought of two solutions, but can’t decide which one is better, or even if one of them is suitable :

  1. create a has_many relation for event_type: :days_of-week, with a daily table, in which each row contains a day id plus a list of user ids :
    Event -> has_many :daily
                - user_id
                - day_id
  1. create a has_one relation, with a daily table containing 7 columns, each for a specific weekday :
Event -> has_one :daily
                - monday = member_id
                - tuesday = member_id
                - sunday = member_id

Thanks in advance for any help!

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