We have a business process that does classic shopping/ordering. It's tightly coupled right now and does things like this:

  • A person can view inventory.
  • A person can create an order.
  • An order needs to be sent to the shipping system.
  • An order needs to be sent to the payment system.
  • The payment system needs to communicate with a payment gateway.
  • A confirmation (email/sms) needs to go out to the person and let them know if their order was successful / unsuccessful.

From my studying of Azure Service Bus Topics, it seems like like a core aspect is if the sender knows where the message is supposed to go. So it's something like:

I am system X sending to system Y with payload Z.

instead of something more agnostic like

I am system X sending payload Z.

In the first case, the orchestration is defined in the messages.

What I'm trying to understand is:

  1. Is a core aspect of Azure Service Bus Topics the idea that the sender knows where it wants its message to go?
  2. If that's the case, do I really need another orchestration manager (logic apps, azure functions, etc)?

Thanks so much!

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