This is my first post on this community, so let me know if I need to elaborate. I am making a motion graphics app on mobile (think After Effects for iOS), and was wondering if it would be viable to use an HTML canvas for the render/preview portion (UI still uses Cocoa). I have laid out some pros:

  • I am already experienced in HTML5 canvas
  • I would not have to create a whole render engine
  • Creating new effects would be easier for me and other developers (less worrying about making libraries for effect developers)
  • I can render the final video using CaptureStream

What would be some possible cons, and, if impractical, what framework would apply for this situation? Would I just have to make my own engine from scratch?

  • It's hard to mention immediate drawbacks - where we don't know what the application will be (after effects for iOS is hardly a formal description), its requirements and your constraints (from reading, you are already adept in HTML5). If you can elaborate on this ends it can help in providing you an answer. – nadir Jul 5 at 22:15

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