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In my company, we have been working in a "task-oriented" way: there were development teams, QA teams, support teams, sales teams, ....

Recently we went to a more "agile" approach, and as a result we now have:

  • Creational teams (containing developers and QA people)
  • Customer-focus teams (containing sales, installation/management and support people)
  • There also is one general support team (a group of specialists, responsible for specialised support, where I belong to).

As a result, the support for one customer is split over different teams. This creates the situation that incidents at customer premises are split over different teams: the customer-focus teams and the general support team (in some cases, even the creational teams get in the loop), but there is no general database, answering the question:

What is the list of installations at at customer, and what is the list of incidents which have happened/been tackled/... at these specific installations on these specific systems at this specific customer?

When I asked this to a colleague, he told me that this information is inside of the head of the support team manager (which is now part of the general support team).

This is obviously not a good way of working: we need a general way to monitor this information, so my question is: what is the official name of such a monitoring system? (e.g. I know that "configuration management" is the ITIL name for the "customer-and-their-systems-and-installations"-database)

  • I'd suppose what you're looking for should be doable in a CRM system but I have no actual experience with such systems. I'd try to dig through the buzzword walls with which CRM vendors shield their actual feature lists from the general public :-) – Hans-Martin Mosner Jul 16 at 9:19

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