I have a Java application that uses an 3rd party Java library to get data remotely. Specifically, a start date, end date and a few other search parameters can be passed to a library call and it will return data object. That data object contains data that I need to display in SSRS. The search parameters will originate from the SSRS report.

I prefer to only use Java and SSRS. I am aware of a few options to do this:

  • Make the Java app expose a RESTful like web service and return the data object as JSON or XML. Use T-SQL code to call and parse the JSON or let SSRS parse if XML. This approach is not well supported in SQL Server.
  • Use SQL Server Language extension's support for Java. This approach couples the Java code to SQL Server.

Are there other approaches that keep the Java code decoupled from SQL Server and allow SSRS to ingest the data in a supported way?

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