We're running a system consisting of a number of components. These communicate through a (proprietary) bus (say XBus) and we would like to 'implant' our components into another system running, say, DBus.

The less intrusive solution would be to create a bridging component between the buses that would translate 'most of' the XBus semantics to 'most of' the DBus semantics.

I tried to search for "ipc bus interconnect dbus", "ipc dbus bridge" but couldn't find any.

What should I be searching for, or better still, has this been done?

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  • Bridge/interface components are fairly common. You have to determine the specific semantics you want--particularly if the buses handle error conditions differently, have different guarantees on message delivery, etc. In a physical interconnect world, you would have to have a component in between to handle impedance matching, signal conditions, etc. – Berin Loritsch Sep 12 at 13:07
  • The problem with proprietary software is often times the documentation you need to build an adapter like you are talking about is missing. If you have access to source code, it will be your best documentation. – Berin Loritsch Sep 12 at 13:08