Overview of application:

  • A chat bot that connects via IRC, using TPL. As messages come from the socket (from .ReadAsync()), they are ultimately parsed and passed to a handler within the bot itself (Let's call this ChatBot).
  • An async long running task responsible for reading certain information from REST API's, and updating various information in various ChatBot classes.

My worry: When the long running thread is writing information, if the ChatBot is currently processing a message, there could be potentially multiple threads accessing the same information. For example: On the long running task, I can potentially read settings from ChatBot, which could also be changed from various commands entered from chat.

I'd like some direction in how to handle this from a TPL standpoint. This is a console app, so I'm trying to figure out how SynchronizationContexts may work, so that each bot runs in it's own context (Multiple threads can process various messages, but only 1 on each bot). Additionally, how to call said ChatBot functions from long running task in a thread-safe manner.

Additional Notes:

  • This bot is in a few thousand channels. I looked into a few things like SemaphoreSlim, but I'm curious how this may scale through the amount of channels, and overhead from locking every single message. (Do I manage a concurrentdictionary with a thousand objects)? I'm also worried about code creep/uglyness, where each long running task needs to acquire a lock for the current bot context.

How would you design this? I appreciate any and all direction.

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