So, a friend of mine has asked me to assist in creating an application to create a Discord Rich Presence (Information displayed on the Discord users profile from things like Video Games, and other applications like spotify e.g what song the user is listening to in real time) Application for DoorDash, the food delivery service.

Basic requirements being that when he is on the app on his phone It'll show his order status ("looking for order", "en route to order", etc) on his Discord profile.

My original impression was that DoorDash might have an API which would use drivers unique IDs to "sign in" via the API, allowing object oriented approaches like Driver.Status or something to return their current status, which I would then be able to relay to a server, along with an (obviously encrypted) Discord Token, and from there it would be used to somehow update the users Discord Rich Presence.

Now, I have no idea if this is possible, I haven't worked much with IOS application data handling, and I think this would be a very interesting venture into it.

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