I have an IO controller device which has up to 120 digital inputs/outputs. I want to use DDS to read inputs and to write outputs of the device.

I have no idea how topics should be created. I mean, there are two main options:

1- Creating a topic, named "Set_Output", which contains two data: output number and value. For example, when I want to set 2nd output, I publish the topic "Set_Output" with the input number 2 and with the value True.

Another topics should be about reading inputs and outputs. So I have to create a topic like "Outputs" and "Inputs" and the IO Controller publish its inputs and actual outputs.

2- At this option, I can create 120 number of topics which are named as "Input_0", "Input_1", "Input_2", ... "Output_0", "Output_2", ... etc. So when I want to set 2nd output, I can publish the "Output_2" with the value True.

Any recommendation would be helpful.

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