I'm trying to trigger an action inside my Android app on multiple devices at the exact same time (or with the lowest delay/shift possible).

The devices are strictly similar (brand, model, version), plugged via USB to a Macbook Pro. I have 4 devices so far but the final solution will include many more so I need a solution that works with a lot of devices.

I have tried using sockets (Socket.io and regular WS) over Wifi and USB, but the delay slightly increases for each device so the action is not triggered in sync.

I also tried sending a broadcast UDP packet over USB, this gives way better results but seems very inconsistent: the max delay goes from 10 to a 100ms.

Syncing clocks was another option I was considering but not sure how accurate can it get across many devices (and NTP seems tricky on Android)

Any idea or pattern to address this kind of requirements? Thanks!

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