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I have a repo/application/ecosystem (I am developing or helping develop), let's call it qux. When qux starts, it needs to source qux-master/configure_qux.sh or maybe hit some scripts in the repo. However, I can't guarantee where qux-master is located. Maybe it's at ~/foo/qux-master. Maybe it's under /opt. Maybe it's in a container and right at the root, /qux-master. Basically, I want reliable, agnostic, programmatic access to file paths under $QUX_REPO_DIR.

Should I be using a package manager? It seems I want to "install" the application in some way. The situation is typically linux, and quite often Ubuntu, though I'd love a more cross-POSIX-ish solution.

One thing I've tried is leveraging AppDirs/XDG Base Dir Spec (e.g. I'll put a link at $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/qux/configure_qux.sh back to qux-master/configure_qux.sh) which is okay, but it feels like there ought to be better ways.

What are my options? If this question is "too broad", are there any keywords I can search for this problem to better define what I am looking for?

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