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I have a fairly basic knowledge of python and very little experience working with live data. Currently attempting to work on a project that involves recording thermal information, linking it to GPS and time coordinates and then compiling this into a KML file.

This has to be done with no user input and the latest KML files has to be available for download at any time. My current plan is to take the information from sensors into CSV documents, Which will be read by a script, this script will link everything together, extract the relevant data, (only interested in points over a certain temp.) Group the data into areas, assign and style label and then save to a new CSV. Another script would then run on a periodic time interval that looks at the second CSV and compiles a KML document.

Does this sound like any semblance of a sensible plan? Would a raspberry pi 4 keep up with this live feed? Is there a better way with python to handle with live data feeds? my searching hasn't come up with much relevant and would appreciate a prod in the right direction.

I have looked at various KML packages and such for python and found nothing that will append easily to a KML document, is this a feature hidden? i am concerned about the memory usage of having to make a whole new KML document each time i update.


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